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Is economics considered a science?

Is economics considered a science? If so why? Isn’t money and value merely an agreed upon idea? A paper dollar has value because we all believe it does. Even gold’s value is based on belief. How is this a science?

Question asked on Quora:

Yes, economics is considered a science. As Ludwig von Mises describes in his great treatise on Economics, Human Action, economics is the science of human action. Why You Should Read Human Action in 2020 | Jeff Deist, Shawn Ritenour.

Like logic and mathematics, the science of economics is a priori.; that is, it is based upon axiomatic, irrefutable principles. Just as the rules and implications of geometry are based on a set of five axioms, economics is built upon a few universal truths.

Yes, money and value are agreed upon ideas—no merely about it. Economics describes how money, as a medium of exchange, facilitates, indirect exchange—bypassing the innate limitations of direct exchange, i.e., barter.

As modern, subjective (Austrian) economics has demonstrated, value is in the eye of the beholder; that is, subjective.

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