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Which is more important in life, what you know or what you don’t know?

If life were so simple. In the quest to know more you need to rely on what you do know while validating this prior knowledge all along.

To answer this, I believe, it is best to begin with humility, knowing that you do not know everything and that some things you know may not be true.

I think it is also useful to know that regardless of limited, imperfect knowledge you, in the moment, must act or do something anyway.

So, the question has more dimensions to it than what you know versus what you do not know.

Try also to consider awareness versus unawareness. Are you aware or unaware of what you do know and do not know. How can increase awareness of both? (See There are known knowns – Wikipedia)

Try also to validate whether what you know is actually true. How certain are you of a given bit of knowledge?

Try also to determine whether or to what extent imperfect knowledge or a degree of doubt matters.

For example, can you go about your daily life not knowing whether the speed of light is truly a constant or not?

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