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The Problem with State Planners

The problem with state planners, whether communist or fascist, is arrogance.

A statist views its particular plan as self-evidently true and just, as natural as falling off of a log while viewing other plans  — and planners  — as obstacles to be overcome along the way to the Utopian future-state.

Now, here in the United States of America, our red, neo-conservative fascists and blue, progressive fascists are locked in an increasingly intolerant, violent pattern of musical chairs  — a.k.a. elections.

With each election, the music bangs on louder.

The goal of course is to have a majority of chairs still in the game. The hope is that the planners in power can put their plan in effect, once and for all, as if no future elections would be needed or wanted. Once and for all time.

Alas, the music starts again. And, so it goes, less chairs, less acceptable and appropriate opinions about life, liberty or happiness.

In each planner’s mind, their can be only one. One true Church. One true Socialism. One Utopia. Theirs.

It will not end well.


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