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Stand Athwart History and Say STOP

In his great book Human Action, Mises demonstrates that societies don’t think: individuals within societies think.  

It bears repeating. Humans are not bees in a hive; nor are we ants in a colony.

The concept of structural racism is an absurdity. There may be historical data that, from the point of view of a third-party observer (with an ax to grind), is attributable to racism.

These people are wrong. These people are not academic in the true liberal sense. They are political polemicists hell-bent on imposing societal controls of every sort.

Even so, reasonable people can disagree.

For example, this same data can be used to show that the policies of the Great Society are at the root of problems which are now being rolled into structural racism. See, for example, the work of Walter E. Williams on the breakup of the black family. 

As an aside, given the policy prescriptions of the structurally racist crowd, I doubt that what they have in mind is a wholesale repeal of the policies of the Great Society, but…since LBJ was a racist and he is on record as saying that the policies, net-net, would keep blacks on the Democratic plantation for generations, um, yeah…

In a liberal democratic society, reasonable people can disagree.

As Turley points out we are no longer in such a society. We are rapidly escalating into progressive authoritarianism.

It is time for true liberal democrats and fellow travelers to stand athwart history and say, STOP.

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